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Cookies policy

What are cookies and what are they for?

Cookies are text files containing information about the user that the internet sites store in the user's terminal and then reuse them later.

Cookies can serve, for example, to check if the user has already authenticated within an area that requires it, or to customize the browsing experience on the site based on the preferences expressed by the user.

"Third-party" cookies as those set by sites other than the one you are visiting in order to offer additional features (website statistics, interaction with social networks, etc.).

How cookies are used on this site

This site uses "technical" cookies for its proper functioning and to facilitate navigation within the site by the user.

This site uses its own and third-party "analytics" cookies (Google Analytics) for the analysis of traffic statistics for the purpose of site optimization.

To deny your consent to the use of cookies see the paragraph How to enable and disable cookies in your browser.

Information on the use of third-party cookies

For policies on the use of third-party cookies (not necessarily used on this site) refer to the appropriate information.

How to enable and disable cookies in your browser

For other browsers, refer to the appropriate documentation available online.

Note: Google provides an add-on for the most popular browsers allowing the deactivation of Google Analytics: